Top In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

A skilled trade job is any job that requires skilled knowledge and hands-on work. Canada has always been in search of skilled and unskilled workers to boost its robust economy and aid its aging workforce. Skilled trade workers are also highly in demand in Canada, they are highly trained employees with complete hand on-work such as mechanics, plumbers, and construction workers.

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Skilled workers work in various industries and they offer services that most Canadians need on a regular basis. Skilled trades can be learned through vocational courses, college programs, via trade schools, or learning under a professional as an apprentice.

In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada

If you are considering a career as a skilled trade worker or intending to immigrate to Canada to work, below are some of the top in-demand jobs in Canada.

1. Electrician 

Electricians install and repair wiring systems and equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This profession has experienced high demand due to increasing population growth and Canada’s growing construction industry. This is one of the top jobs in Canada.

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2. Welder

A welder fabricates metal components using various welding processes such as gas metal arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, flux-cored arc welding, etc. They usually specialize in producing automotive parts, roofs, exhaust systems, radiators, machinery, and railings. Welder skills can be learned by taking up an apprenticeship program.

3. Plumber 

Plumbers are involved in the installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems and fixtures in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings. They use specialized tools to remove clogs and pipe leaks, replace pipes and fixtures, etc. The employment rate for plumbers is projected to increase from 363,500 in 2010 to 447,700 in 2022.

4. Mechanic 

Mechanics repair vehicles, engineers repair electrical equipment, computers, and telecommunication systems, aircraft mechanics maintain and repair airplanes, automobile mechanics maintain and repair automobiles. Mechanic skills can be learned by taking up an apprenticeship program.

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5. Chef

Chefs prepare and cook food for restaurants, hotels, caterers, banquets, clubs, fast food outlets, cafeterias, hospitals, cruise ships, airplanes, school cafeterias, private households, military camps, prisons, daycare centers, orphanages, army canteens, retirement homes, senior care centers, factories, and correctional institutions.

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6. Construction Worker 

Construction workers help build new houses, factories, bridges, roads, tunnels, power plants, airports, railway tracks, roads, highways, parking lots, municipal facilities, highrises, shopping malls, skyscrapers

7. Insulation Workers 

Insulation workers work on interior walls, floors, ceilings, attics, chimneys, windows, door frames, walls, basements, foundations, fence panels, patios, decks, sidewalks, etc. They install fireproofing materials such as fiberglass and other types of insulation materials to control or stop the spread of fire and water damage.

8. Bus Driver 

Bus drivers drive city buses or intercity buses that transport passengers between different destinations within a city or region. They operate under various rules and regulations issued by authorities such as Transport Department and Road Safety Council. Bus drivers need to have an excellent sense of direction, knowledge of road maps, driving experience, patience, strong nerves, concentration, attention to detail, manual dexterity, good decision-making skills, familiarity with traffic laws, the ability to keep good time management, awareness of passengers’ needs, calmness and consistency in dealing with unexpected situations.

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9. Store Keeper 

Storekeepers manage grocery stores, supermarkets, discount shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, clothing stores, florists, delicatessens, warehouses, wholesale shops, boutiques, shoe shops, tobacco shops, and electronic goods stores.

10. Social Worker 

Social workers are required to take up duties in child welfare centers, family services, juvenile justice services, homelessness shelters, residential care facilities, rehabilitation centers, community mental health services, children’s homes, educational institutes, medical facilities, addiction recovery centres, clinical drug clinics, police stations, magistrates courts, special education schools, faith-based groups, seniors’ homes, faith-groups, labor organizations, migrant associations, civil societies, special care units, retirement homes, sheltered workshops, government departments, prisons, law enforcement agencies, victim support groups, charities, private practices, and nongovernmental organizations.

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