Top Scholarships for International Students at the University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia is one of the biggest schools in Canada. It is also one of the most recognised institutions in the world and a favourite destination for international students around the world. Every year, the university alone offer thousands of scholarships to international students who secure admission in the school at Undergraduate, Graduate, or Doctoral level.

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The institution has over 90,000 students and this figure includes 50,000 undergraduate students, 30,000 graduate students, and 10,000 doctorate students. The institute has also made a name for itself for producing some of the best student graduates in the world and arguably the very best in Canada.

When it comes to the success of the school and quality of alumni produced, then taking a look at the awards and Nobel prizes such as producing 7 Nobel Prize winners, 70 Rhodes Scholarship Winners, 65 Olympic Medal Winners, as well as other accomplishments in science, arts, and engineering. It is almost not comparable to another school in Canada.

The amount of funding and budget set annually for the running of the school and for providing scholarship funds to students has also caught the eyes in Canada. In 2018, the total budget funding was 4.1 billion Canadian dollars per year, and the endowment was 2.4 billion Canadian dollars. This type of budget and expenditure for academics has opened doors for students who lack the financial means to afford their tuition and other cost at the university will be able to study for free or with a scholarship at the university.

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Although there is high influx of students potentially applying to study at this university, it would interest you to know that the University has the best acceptance rate in Canada.

Top Scholarships Offered in British Columbia for International Students

Because of the budgets and huge funding in this university, more scholarship and research opportunities are made available for international and local students at the university. Students can apply for one or more academic and scholarship funding opportunities, and also experience quality education at the school.

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There are so many scholarships international students can apply to, some are based on academic excellence record of applying students, while some are for students who demonstrate financial need or those who lack the means to afford their studies in Canada.

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International Entrance Scholarship Award

This scholarship is awarded to talented international students when the secure admission into the University of British Columbia for the first year. It is subject to an annual renewal for three years which should be enough to cover for the duration of your course program in the school. Students applying for this scholarship must be partakers of the international scholar’s award program, or must not have received this award in the past. If you secure admission into the university before January 15th every year, you will automatically be eligible for the scholarship and also be considered for the award.

Outstanding International Student Award

Just like the International Entrance Scholarship Awards, this scholarship offers academically outstanding students an entrance scholarship award to study in the University. However, the offer is for just the first entry year at the university and it is not subject to any renewal.

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Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This is another scholarship award provided at the University of British Columbia. The award is to help recognize international undergraduate students who show excellent academic performances, great leadership skills, and is directly involved in student affairs or community service.

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

The Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award if offered to undergraduate international students who are coming from war ton or conflict countries. This students will also show great academic records and financial need which means they are unable to afford university education without financial aids or assistant.

You will find so many research institutes at the University of British Columbia, the newly enrolling or applying students stay at two campuses in the University of British Columbia. The first one which is the main campus is close to Vancouver and is located specifically at Point Grey. And the second campus where so many departments is housed is located in Okanagan.

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